Friday, March 8, 2013

Learn HTML in 7 Days | Day – 1 : Introduction and tags in HTML | HTML Tutorial

Today we will discuss about the introduction of HTML. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the basic language of web design. This tutorial is only for beginners. I will try to make every tutorial as easy as possible. Now, let’s start.

Requirements to learn HTML:
1.       Any Text Editor ( Notepad is recommended, by default you have it)
2.       Any browser ( it is available everywhere and any version can use)
3.       Your interest and time ( you must have interest to learn HTML )

Your 1st web site :
Step-1: Open Notepad from All Programs > Accessories > Notepad
Step-2: Type/copy-paste this HTML code to your Notepad
<title> This is My First Website </title>
<body> Hi everyone, it is My First Website </body>
Step-3: Then “Save as” with “.html” extension and Encoding “Unicode” at any place (desktop preferred).
Step-4: Double Click on the html file from your desktop.

 Owaow! You have made a webpage . See….How it works

Here, we have used something like <html>, <title>, <body>, </title>, </body> and </html>. All are these known as HTML Tags. HTML consists of different types of tags. Today I will give you a basic concept about HTML Tags, later I will discuss.

<html> </html>
HTML documents is within this tag
Indicate the head of the program
For title which show in the title bar of browser
Website body. Everything is here.
Meta tag, used for advanced purposes
Header tag
To indicate paragraph
<br / >
To give a line break
To provide a horizontal line
To abbreviate any text.
To make any text Bold
To make any text italic
To make any text size larger
To make any text size smaller
To make Pre formatted text
To make strong text
To indicate subscripted text
To indicate superscripted text
<blockquote> </blockquote>
Indicate special quotation
Use to provide any link
Insert image
Represent computer code text
To make Table
To make column of Table
To make cell of Table
To make cell of Table
To make Form
Input data to form
To make listing
To make order list
To make un-order list

Ok. This is only for today. Tomorrow I will write on another topic. Try your own self. If you face any problem, then comment below or mail . Mention your name in comment, then Click “Comment as” & select “Anonymous”, then publish. Please give me your feedback. This post is only for educational purposes, if anyone abuse this post, then will not responsible. Thank You .


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